A book is a sequence of moments.

Human beings are made of fragments of memories,

a human is a book of memories.

I consider myself a contemporary bookbinder, who works with traditional and nontraditional artist’s books. I enjoy practicing the process of handmaking paper and stitching them into a bounded book. Also, I like to challenge the idea of what a book can be by making sculptural books with unusual materials.

I am interested to create a space with multimedia book installations to evoke a dreamlike atmosphere for the audiences’ experience.  There are elements which visually bind the different types of books together that allows the audience to read the whole installation as a completed book. They would experience the space as a book, they start the journey when they enter the space; they terminate it when they exit the space. The installation book is activated by the behavior of the audiences, they would discover the evidence and fragments through the journey to complete the storyline.